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How the LABs Work

The group experiences are called LABs because they happen in a laboratory format: no truth gurus, little theory, above all experimentation. The meetings last 2-3hrs and consist of games and interactive dynamics, usually in pairs or trios. Themes vary from meeting to meeting, but are always linked to relational intelligence. The LABs are open to the public upon prior registration and contributions are voluntary.

The theoretical foundation used in the Labs is a result of a combination of Authentic Relating and a variety of bodies of work on relational intelligence, such as Possibility Management, Nonviolent Communication and Circling. Authentic Relating is a movement based on the idea that in order to feel truly connected to each other, we need to learn to express our authentic selves and at the same time embrace the authenticity of others, beyond masks, personas and social conventions. Read more about Authentic Relating at ART International.


We believe that relating in a deep, healthy and conscious way generates transforming, enlivening and humanizing moments.



Replace small talk, scripts and established roles with moments of deep relating.



Relate to grow, because it is in relationships that traumas are born and it is through them that they are also healed.



Relate and resolve conflicts with empathy, presence, assertiveness and intelligence.

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Get out of your comfort zone, feel alive, enjoy and venture into the universe of human connection.



Realize blocks that prevent you from having the relationships you want and start building them consciously.



See and appreciate the commonality beneath the stories, personas, and judgments of both yourself and others.

“Authentic is being real, honest, revealed, and transparent, allowing others to see, hear, and know our inner world. Relating is recognizing that there is someone else on the other side of the relational field, having a unique experience as rich and complex as our own, and that space and invitation must be given to weave their experience with our own to create a dynamic dance of both authentic human expression and reception. Most people have been conditioned to prioritize their own experience over others, or others' experience over their own – authentic relating harmonizes this imbalance to create a center of gravity that lives in between each person, where the most aliveness and intimacy can be felt and shared .” -ART International 

Who facilitates the LABs

Julia started creating connection labs 4 years ago during a self-education project that led her to spend 3 years traveling the world, living in diverse communities and having educational experiences in over 10 countries. She discovered connection workshops in an intentional community in 2017 and fell in love with the idea, starting to facilitate and experiment with the practice. In 2019, she went to study Authentic Relating with ART International and has been in the process of becoming certified as a facilitator for the past 2 years. She returned to college currently to study interpersonal communication at the University of Arizona. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Coach, active meditation facilitator by the Dancing Freedom institute, student of Non-Violent Communication and academic coach by CTDEU.  

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